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Welcome to the Character Education Network


Traits Correlation

The Character Education Network has adopted nine of the most popular traits for the organization of our curriculum. We realize that these are not the exact traits adopted by all school systems. However most traits and values used in character education are synonymous or related to the character traits on this site. Below are traits that can be taught using the content contained on this site.

CharacterEd.Net TraitRelated Traits
HonestyTruthfulness, Loyalty, Integrity
ResponsibilityDependability, Reliability
PerseveranceDiligence, Patience
CaringKindness, Compassion, Generosity, Cheerfulness, Charity, Helpfulness
CitizenshipPatriotism, Sportsmanship
RespectSelf-Respect, Respect for Others
IntegrityHonesty, Truthfulness, Trustworthiness
PatriotismCitizenship, Devotion, Responsibility
CourageFortitude, Determination

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