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Welcome to the Character Education Network


Site Overview

The Character Education Network provides curriculum and activities organized by common character traits. Each person who uses this site will automatically see materials that are appropriate their (or their child's) age and specific school. This site also provides a system for students and schools to record their activities and experiences and share them with other students, schools and their community.

Student Notebook

The student notebook contains the following for each character trait:


Age appropriate mini-courses relating to selected traits, rewarded with a certificate. Teachers can assign students to work these lessons in spare time in their classroom or computer lab. Students can then turn in their certificates as a record of their accomplishment. The lessons are approximately 15 minutes in length, are age-appropriate, and are accompanied by a full soundtrack to aid those with reading difficulties.

Sharing Stories

Stories submitted by various schools, available to encourage or discourage behavior. Students can write stories that describe their experiences regarding the specific character trait. After approval by their teacher, the stories are available for others to read. This is an excellent opportunity to integrate character education with English, writing or social studies curricula.


Printable pages of activities that can be done individually. These include word searches, matching, etc. These activities provide opportunities for homework, extra credit, or any unexpected extra time in the classroom.

Classroom Activities

Activities pertaining to the character trait designed to be done with a group of children. These activities provide opportunities for children to share and experience the effects of good or bad character traits with their peers. The activities are ideal for classroom time with guidance counselors or other character education specialists.


References to other materials which may be useful in teaching or demonstrating the character trait.

School Notebook

This area allows each school to keep a record of character education activities. This can be viewed by students, other schools and the community in your school system as desired.

Teacher Notebook

The site also contains teacher and administrator areas. Here teachers can review the available resources, monitor usage by their school, and approve submitted sharing stories for others to view.

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