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Welcome to the Character Education Network


Development Partnership

The Character Education Network, CharacterEd.Net™, is developed and owned by Thinking Media™, specialists in the development of computer-based education. The information in the site is available by subscription to schools or school districts.

CharacterEd.Net is distributed exclusively in the United States by the National Center for Youth Issues, Inc.. The National Center for Youth Issues is a national, non-profit organization that creates and supplies character education materials and training for schools, youth organizations, parents and community groups. Thousands of schools and literally millions of youth have been influenced by NCYI and their character education materials and programs.

NCYI is governed by a volunteer board of nationally-respected educators, civic leaders, business professionals and philanthropists. NCYI and its leadership are committed to the highest principles of financial management and accountability. The work of National Center for Youth Issues is also supported by donors, including individuals, corporations and foundations.

Thinking Media has also partnered with the Character Development Group, led by Dr. Philip Vincent. The Character Development Group is one of the nation's leading publishers and authorities in character education. We gratefully acknowledge the contribution of materials by the Character Development Group. More in-depth materials, resources and books are available directly from them at www.charactereducation.com.

Thinking Media has teamed with Hamilton County Schools in Chattanooga, Tennessee to develop and test these materials. Hamilton County is one of the nation's leaders in integrating character education in the classroom.

You can also contribute to this site. We gratefully accept quality curriculum and will acknowledge your organization for its contribution. All submitted materials are reviewed by our staff and partners before use.

Thinking Media is also the creator of KeyTrain™, a series of courses that improve basic workplace skills using the ACT Work Keys® employment system. KeyTrain has been hailed as the most effective system for improving basic skills, and is currently used by over 40,000 students in high schools, community colleges and major corporations in 30 states.

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