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What You Can Do to Help Your Child at Home

Each day ask your child what he/she did that day in school.

Each day ask to see your child’s papers and notices from school.

Have a quiet time each day when the children sit down to do their homework — TV OFF.

Make sure your child gets proper rest so he or she can function at school — a reasonable bed time.

You take charge of the TV and decide what your children will watch.

Use the newspaper and magazines with your child.

Each child needs a place to call his or her own, a place to keep his or her things.

All things for school should be assembled the night before.

Your child should leave for school in a good frame of mind.

  • Breakfast!
  • Routine
  • Notes to school written beforehand

Come to school as often as you can.


From School Power, by Dr. James Comer. Excerpted from Character Education Informational Handbook & Guide, Public Schools of North Carolina, Department of Education, 2002. Used by permission.


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