10th grade
A Story About Choices
Tim is 16 years old, and even though he knows it is illegal to buy alcohol and do drugs, he finds it hard to face off peer pressure. When he was 13, his friends got him to try marijuana. Tim's taste for marijuana soon faded as he tried uppers and downers and snorted coke. Tim's lack of focus and inability to concentrate makes school a drag. He skips school frequently and is considering dropping out.

Partying is where Tim was first introduced to alcohol. Friends brought beer to the dances and before Tim knew it, he was drinking heavily. He told his parents he was spending the night with friends. Instead, he did drugs with his new acquaintances. Old friends did not want to associate with him any longer. Although his parents knew something was wrong they did not know the extent of his drug and alcohol involvement.
Wanting to impress peers can lead to all kinds of risky behavior.
Some people get into drug out of boredom.
Yes, experimenting can be a cause of drug abuse.
Drugs may be a temporary fix with lasting consequences.

What do you think are some of the reasons that caused Tim to try drugs and alcohol?
to impress peers
he's bored with life
he's curious
to escape from reality