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Caring Students Share - Big Ridge - 1st grade

Learning about character has helped us feel different about people. A group of children in the Northshore neighborhood in Hixson, TN had been collecting money through different activities. They had been planning to use this money to build a treehouse. This was a group of children ranging in age from 7 years to 11 years old.

One very fateful day in the fall of 1999, a home in a nearby neighborhood burned down. The families had several children and were left with nothing.

Hearing about this terrible situation, these children were so moved that they decided that instead of spending this money on a treehouse, they would rather donate the money to this family. The idea came from the children themselves. They had their parents arrange to send the money to the needy family.

This donation demonstrated tremendous amount of caring. In addition the responsibility trait is also demonstrated because these children felt responsible for their fellow human beings. The donation became a topic of conversation throughout the school, and was even featured in the local newspaper. top

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